Tuesday Night Recap – September 13, 2011

Lesson Title: Prophet, Priest & King: Priest

Set List: The Happy Song (Smith), Holy is the Lord (Tomlin), Come Thou Fount

Scripture Used: Hebrews 7.11-28; Numbers 3.38; Leviticus 1.1-17, 15.15-31, 10.11 & 13; Matthew 21.12; John 8.12; 1 John 2.2; Luke 6.17-22; Matthew 11.5; Mark 1.40-41

Evening in a Sentence: Jesus was the last Priest we will ever need.

What Worked: Lots of stuff worked out this week. Dinner ran smoother, music was pretty stable, the teaching portion had good interaction, and LIFE Groups were very good. Giving our leaders a clear, audible reminder of when we would be done helped them prepare to wrap up on time (except for the Senior High girls). My group had some good, deep discussion that even went down the path of confession since we were discussing Jesus as Priest, and the sacrificial system. What wold that look like today? We had good help cleaning up and putting stuff away, and our leaders seemed to leave energized.

What Needs Work: Two things. Technology and Dinner. We are starting to use EasyWorship and it is not cooperating with PowerPoint like it should yet. I need to get this fixed pretty directly. And we are still working on getting teens moved into the Sanctuary at 6:20. We were about 5-7 minutes off schedule because of this.

Summary: I really enjoyed tonight. From teaching, to singing, to seeing the light go on in students’ eyes as we discovered Jesus’ role of Priest and the implications that has for today. I am excited to see what we have next week!

Student Numbers: 22

Leader Numbers: 7