Tuesday Night Recap – August 30, 2011

Lesson Title: Ignition

Set List: You Are So Good to Me (Third Day), Shadows (David Crowder*Band), The Wonderful Cross (Watts/Tomlin)

Scripture Used: Joshua 3-4

Evening in a Sentence: Taking a sneak peek at this year in one80, we explored everything from the calendar to what God expects of us by exploring Joshua.

What Worked: I was really impressed with our leaders who were able to make it out tonight. They did an excellent job of connecting with the teen, and shared some very relevant life applications from their own lives. The lesson seemed to sink in with most of the group, and the video I created for what we expect from students was better received than I expected it to be.

What Needs Work: Summer attendance was lower again, and we lost a couple of leaders for this season.

Summary: I left feeling very encouraged. The group responded well, and I can see that God has some great things in store for this group.

Student Numbers: 9

Leader Numbers: 5