Tuesday Night Recap – August 16, 2011

Lesson Title: Broadcast: Taking Flight

Set List: Meet With Me (Heibert), Shout to the North (Smith), Medley (Third Day)

Scripture Used: 1 Corinthians 13.1, Luke 15

Evening in a Sentence: We wrapped up the series by giving students space to share their testimonies with each other and challenged them to make sure that when they share God’s story that they do so with love.

What Worked: Music continues to improve. We changed the atmosphere by eliminating the house lights and using just the stage lighting. Clearing out floor space also seemed to help a lot. Most of the teens really seemed to dive into sharing their testimonies with each other. Overall the tone of the evening was a good one, full of good interactions.

What Needs Work: It is summer, but students are not arriving on time, and we need to get our leaders installed.

Summary: A smaller, but good evening. We will take next week off from regular meeting time (the fair is going on) but will take advantage of the opportunity. I challenged each teen to be intentional about having conversations about their faith at the fair. We will set a day and time to meet up at the fair and catch up on their progress.

Student Numbers: 8

Leader Numbers: 4