Tuesday Night Recap – August 9, 2011

Lesson Title: Broadcast: God’s Story, Our Story

Set List: No One Like You (Crowder), I Will Follow (Tomlin), Living Water (Tetrault)

Scripture Used: Acts 17.16-34

Evening in a Sentence: The series continued to build on the previous lessons by giving teens an example of Paul using culture to share his faith, and giving them space and time to write out some of their own testimony.

What Worked: Music was better this week with Autumn helping lead. We gave out a tambourine and a shaker, and that seemed to draw a few more teens in. The videos went over well, especially the cardboard testimonies from Granger Community Church. Most of the teens who were here tonight have grown up in the church, so during their time writing their stories, many of them found some difficulty in remembering life before Christ. In the guy’s LIFE group time we were able to discuss the difference between knowing Christ and following Him. We also got to hear a few of the stories that students have been living.

What Needs Work: As we draw closer to fall, I need to get our core of leaders installed, and we still have yet to get our current leaders on board early enough to pray together.

Summary: Tonight was a good evening. Students shared and really dug into our lesson time tonight. They are coming around on music, and I left encouraged tonight for what we are building toward.

Student Numbers: 10

Leader Numbers: 4


Videos we used tonight: