Tuesday Night Recap – August 2, 2011

Lesson Title: Broadcast: The Nuts and Bolts of Evangelism

Set List: No One Like You (Crowder), Come Thou Fount, Amazing Love (Foote)

Scripture Used: Luke 10.25-37

Evening in a Sentence: Following up on last week’s message, we explored the idea of why fear cripples our evangelism efforts, and we looked at the two main tents that evangelism falls under.

What Worked: Tonight was a smaller, more intimate night. It allowed us to have more students open up and share about their thoughts on the subject at hand. It also gave one student in particular a comfort to share that he does not know where he stands with God, or if he has even really met Jesus yet. He has a lot of negative things in his life right now that he is unsure of which way is up. We used the Skit Guys’ Bad Ways to Witness video to break up the evening and all seemed to really get something out of it (it also allowed me humorous quotes that drove points home as we continued in our time together), and even acting out the parable of the Good Samaritan (as an example of someone who overcame their fear to serve and minister to someone else) was a solid part of the evening. And even though many in group tonight were all but raised in the church, they were forced to really think through their story a bit tonight to figure out if they really have turned their lives over to Christ. As a side note, having  modern comparison for the Samaritans and the Jews really helped to explain why this parable was so shocking to the people who were originally hearing it.

What Needs Work: After last week, I trimmed the music to three songs, but many students were still timid this week. And as I am in the early stages of identifying leaders, I have been unable to get adults to arrive early to pray over the evening together yet.

Summary: I expected a drop-off in attendance this week after last week’s surprise (band camps, sports camps, etc. are all in full swing now), and even though the room felt immense tonight, the intimate atmosphere had many positive results. I am looking forward to connecting with that one student who is unsure of where he stands with God right now and walking alongside him as he asks the tough questions.

Student Numbers: 11

Leader Numbers: 3