Deadly Lethargy?

Last week I caught an article on Yahoo! that shared the story of a young man who died from a blood clot after playing a marathon session on his Xbox.

The family of a budding computer programmer have on Saturday launched a campaign to raise awareness about the health risks of playing online computer games after their son died following a marathon session on his Xbox. A post-mortem revealed that 20-year-old Chris Staniforth — who was offered a place to study Game Design at Leicester University — was killed by a pulmonary embolism, which can occur if someone sits in the same position for several hours.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Now, there are a lot of good points flying around about how he could have had underlying issues, or that the parts who now want to raise awareness of the problem should have been doing more intervention before he died. But the point is that he did die, and since it was a pulmonary embolism that was the cause of death, there is a definite link between the marathon gaming and his death.

As an Xbox player myself, this does cause me to evaluate my own game-playing habits (I have not played at all in nearly 3 weeks since our projector is down), and the habits I foster in students who play with me. But I can’t shake the idea that this story has Spiritual application as well.

In the church there are many who do little more than sit on their faith. They do not engage in Scripture for themselves, they do not have active prayer lives, and they do not plug in to the life of the church by serving the body with their gifts and abilities. Essentially, they sit on their butts in their faith and only expect to be entertained. What will happen to these people?

I do not want to become like one of these people. I want to exercise my faith. I want to engage in the life of my church. I do not desire to put my Spiritual life at risk because I have bought the lie that church is a spectator sport.

Do you have people like this in your ministry? How do you encourage them to get out of this state?