Tuesday Night Recap – July 26, 2011

Set List: Meet with Me (Heibert), Shout to the North (Smith), O’ Praise Him (Crowder), Living Water (Tetrault)

Lesson Title: Broadcast: Help, I’m Lost!

Scripture Used: Luke 15

Evening in a Sentence: To kick off the Broadcast series, we dove into the idea of being lost, and students responded well to the subject.

What Worked: There were a lot of things that worked this week. Music was well-received, and we even had good interaction. About half of the students present had Bibles with them, and knew where to find our text. The topic raised a lot of good discussion, and a lot of solid insights from students. Discussion groups even seemed to go well. Each group seemed to get through their questions, and had good interactions with each other and shared experiences where they had shared their faith.

What Needs Work: The music felt as if it went on too long, so next week we will cut the music to three selections. We started a little late this week, but will start on time next week. I did not get to pray with our leaders before the evening started this week, and will do so next week. Technology did not want to cooperate with us this week.

Summary: I really felt that tonight was a solid evening, especially for a summer one80. Students were engaged, we had new faces, and solid discussion about Scripture and sharing our faith. I look forward to building on this next week.

Student Numbers: 19

Leader Numbers: 4