What a Busy Weekend!

This weekend was incredible! Friday evening Kenny and Ryan dropped by to pick up the kids from us for the night. After some pizza and chatting, they left with Abigail and Tobias, and Kelly and I did some exploring. We found a Sheetz 10 minutes away! (The Sheetz website had told me previously that the closest one was over 30 miles away).

Then Saturday we drove back to Corry to help celebrate the wedding of Dave and Sonya. They have an amazing story, and Dave has been helping with H20 over the past year. Then today back here in Ohio (after a meeting to prepare for this week’s sports camp that serves as our VBS) our church hosted a baptism service where 18 people (nearly half of whom were new converts) were baptized! And after that Kelly and I got to sit down with a couple who have been working with the teens here in One80 over the past few years and they shared a lot of useful stories and information with us about our new ministry. And on top of all that, today was Abigail’s 4th birthday!

Whew. Very busy.

And very awesome.

Check out these pictures of the wedding



















And check out Dave’s testimony