Happy Independence Day!

July 4th is here. Fireworks, freedom from tyranny, and barbecues. It is a time to hang out with family, overeat, and vaguely remember that 200+ years ago our colonies fought a bloody war to become a country of its own. But I wonder if we spend any time thinking about the independence that we as Christians are offered by Christ from sin? True, that is not why the American government sets aside this day as a national celebration, but the parallel is there.

Fighting oppression, seeking freedom, sacrificing one’s self for a greater good. It’s all there. I like to spend a little time thinking about this myself. I don’t intend this to be a guilt trip, just wondering how many other people think about this like me.

Do you think about that today?

No matter what, enjoy your holiday. Celebrate with family. Honor veterans. Praise God for the freedom to celebrate as we do. And don’t forget to take in some amazing fireworks.

And by the bye, here is something I plan on watching to celebrate Independence Day tonight: