Why You Won’t See HeadlyVision on blip.tv

I used to love blip.tv. They were one of the best locations to host videos for aspiring creators. And I was ecstatic at their new look and emphasis on giving each show their own identity. I was excited to see what my channel for headlyVision would look like. (I also host The Highlight Reel and H20 Submerge at blip.tv, but I wanted to start with headlyVision). But after seeing many other shows get the new page upgrades, I was still waiting. I gave it some time, thinking that perhaps they were awarding new pages in waves (since my channel was pretty much dormant for the previous couple of months). And still nothing.

So I decided to start asking questions. My first attempt met with a simple “refer to our FAQ section.” That gave me no help, so I prodded for more info. My query thread was deemed resolved with no answer. So I launched a new question, which was answered in about 16 hours. Here is what I received:

If your videos are not part of an original, high-quality, episodic web series, then blip.tv is likely not the best place for you, unfortunately. We’re not interested in one-off “viral” videos, product demos, “webinars”, or videos you’re looking to just share with your friends and family.

This is fine. If blip is truly heading in a new direction and trying to get away from people who are just looking for loopholes to host things that YouTube won’t. But headlyVision (while not episodic in that I am telling one story over several episodes) should qualify for a new page. The content does jump a bit, but it seeks to instruct, to guide. There are many other shows on blip.tv that seek to teach as well. There are many other shows that are nothing more than product demos (game and movie reviews, etc.) that got a new page. Yet mine did not. And to top this all off, just days before I got this answer, blip.tv announced they were bringing in a handful of new “stars” to the site. Most of these “stars” existed as viral, one-off videos or vloggers on YouTube before this!  Honestly, there is a large part of me that suspects blip is uncomfortable with giving the spotlight to a show with such obviously Christian content as mine produces. If this is the case, fine. Just be honest about the reasoning.

So blip.tv, I will miss some of the great things you had to offer me. But I have been increasingly dissatisfied with this situation. I’ll leave the videos that are already hosted at your site there for now. Perhaps in the future you will change your mind and will honor your commitment to all of your creators, not just the ones who have big names. For the rest of you, you can still find my videos on YouTube, and I think I will shift the blip.tv feed over to my Vimeo channel for the foreseeable future.

(And as a side note, I am in the process of refining all of my online presence into something more uniform, so don’t be confused when the Vimeo channel lists itself as From the Brainpan rather than HeadlyVision)