Follow the Signposts

Months back, I shared a video about our plan to help students remember what we taught them and what they experienced with us throughout the year. You can check that video out here. Go ahead. I’ll wait here for you.

Tim challenged me to share a video at the end of the process so that you could see how it turned out. It was something I planned on doing anyway, but there are still 3 months left in this “school/theme year” of Storyline. But since I am moving to a new ministry starting July 1, and we wrapped up the teaching plan that walked through Scripture as one big story, I figured there was enough to share a bookend video with you.

So take a few minutes and watch the video embedded below. (Or you can mosey on over to YouTube and see it there!) And please, feel free to use any ides we came up with. Let me know if it helps you out at all!

[vimeo 25554037]

(And a bonus: Watch for a post detailing why you won’t find this video on my account anytime soon!)