What Now?

I am going to assume that if you are reading this that you know the rapture did not happen last weekend. In fact, within Christian circles, it has become popular to make fun of Harold Camping and joke about the fact that the world did not end on May 21st. On Facebook alone I saw too many rapture pranks to count. And I will admit, many of them were pretty hilarious. But sitting here at my desk on Monday afternoon I am reminded of something that one of my professors in college said.

“The Christian faith is the only one that shoots its own wounded.”

This quote rings true. We are so quick to jump on Harold Camping for being wrong, or on Rob Bell or Mark Driscoll for being controversial, or even on Bill Gaither for being from the south. It is true that Camping made an error in trying to predict the end of the world. It is true that Scripture states that no one will know the day or the hour (not even the Son). And it is true that we are all jumping on the fact that the world did not end last week, and yet Camping only predicted that the rapture would happen on the 21st, the end is in October. (Yup, get your facts straight before you make fun of someone). While all of this is true, is mocking him and his followers really the way to go? I will be the first to admit that I love sarcasm, and enjoy (probably a bit too much) seeing arrogance and ego fall flat on their faces. But is that how we should respond here?

Isn’t there a better, more God-honoring way to respond to all of this? Is mocking really going to show the world God’s love? John says that everyone will know that we are disciples by our love for one another. Sometimes love does need to be firm, and sometimes love does hurt. But I have to wonder, is there a better way to respond?