The Famine is Upon Us!

This weekend (starting at the same time this post goes live), H20 Student Ministries is participating in the 30 Hour Famine. Many of you will be familiar with what the Famine is, but for those who are not, we (leaders and students) will be spending 30 hours fasting from food, and participating in activities that will simulate what life in a country that is not overflowing with food is like. We’ll be camping out in shelters made of cardboard, and will take over both services on Sunday morning to share our experiences with our congregation.

Over the course of the weekend, I will be documenting our experience with pictures, Facebook updates, tweets and possibly short videos. If you would like to be a part of this, simply visit any of the links below.

Has your ministry ever taken part in the Famine? Share some thoughts about your experiences below…