Love Wins

I just wrapped up Rob Bell‘s Love Wins this morning and it left me with a lot to think through. There is a lot of good to be found within this book. There are some negative things that could become dangerous if allowed to run unchecked. And there are a couple of things that could be blown out of proportion (or simply misunderstood) and lead one to accuse Rob of being a Universalist.

Rob is not a Universalist.

He skirts dangerously close to the realm of Universalism, but I cannot cast him entirely into that realm.

At least not according to what I read in this book (nor in his preaching at Mars Hill or any of his other books he has written).

So stick around. I’m going to be exploring the book for the rest of the week. And if you want to do a little digging of your own, check out Mars Hill’s Love Wins page. There is not a lot here to read, but there are 2 PDF documents to read through that could be helpful to you.

Tentative Love Wins Blogging Schedule:
Wednesday: The Good
Thursday: The Bad, Wrong or Just Plain Ugly
Friday: My Conclusion