A Fish Switching Streams

Over the past couple of years, BluefishTV’s Small Group Exchange went through an evolution which allowed it to become Small Group Trader. It provides a large quantity of training and resources to individuals who lead small groups. I was a contributor to Small Group Exchange when it started and continued to hang around once it shifted to Small Group Trader. The name change did not bother me one bit. It was coming in line with Right Now’s mission and was being folded under their wing. (I make these statements not having ever sat in a meeting with the organizations involved, but merely from what I have read and seen in action over the past couple of years). But I do have a few problems with the new philosophy that they seem to be running under.

For starters, what used to be a totally free resource to small group leaders (with links into Bluefish resources that one could purchase should they choose to do s0) is now a pay-to-play option. You cannot access anything of value without signing up for an annual membership (fee based upon your church’s size). While I do not have a problem with offering resources for a modest fee, this was a drastic shift from what it started out to be. I was one of a number of individuals who were asked to contribute our knowledge and experience to the community at large. It was a great experiment in community-driven resourcing and guiding. I was excited to be a part of it. But alas, I am no more a part of this community.

The old articles have been taken down. Access to almost anything has been boarded up unless you pay. And the people who this project has been turned over to have not returned my attempts at communication. I tried just to connect with the previous overseer and the new people in charge. I get nothing. Just a few questions about the ministry’s direction, whether or not they still want those of us who have contributed in the past to remain on board (I am guessing that we are probably not welcome to remain on board), or even if they plan on leaving the articles already posted available for all to see (again, I am guessing not since all the links I have are dead).

Please understand, this is not me being petty or hating the mission of Right Now. I believe their heart to train up leaders within the church is right. We need people committed to raising this mission high. I find it exceptional that their fees are based on number of people involved in the church rather than giving all churches a flat rate that some who desperately need the help could not afford.

I merely have a problem with how the transition happened, and that no one I had previous contact (or should hear back from now) has seen fit to respond to my queries. I still feel that the articles I wrote have a lot of merit. So over the next two days I plan to share the articles I had posted there here on my site. (I previously had snippets that linked into the article being hosted on their site). They are not great in number (there are only 2), but again, I feel they have knowledge and experience that you can glean from.

Feel free to check out RightNow.org here, and BluefishTV here.