Start Your Day Right

I need to start my day with Scripture.

There. I said it. It’s out there in the open. As a Youth Pastor, far too often I will get to the end of the day and realize that I have not spent any time in The Word for my own soul and my relationship with Christ. Sure, I have spent a lot of time in Scripture studying for lessons, videos, sermons or whatever else I might be working on that week. But a lot of the time I find that at the end of the day that is the only reason I have spent time in my Bible. Don’t get me wrong, it is great that I am in the Word that much. But that is for the benefit of others and their relationship with their Savior, not mine.

So I need to make sure that it is the first thing on my calendar in the morning. I get into the office, and the first thing I do (even before I turn my computer on) is to grab my Bible and Journal (helps me focus and think as I read) and spend 15 minutes with God. Currently I am working my way through Proverbs. Then I spend some time in prayer for our students, our leaders and our ministry.

I have found that the days I succeed at this, my day actually seems to run much smoother. The days that I miss wind up being the bad days for me. So take this to heart. Start your day right, and share with your students the joys and successes you have at working in your relationship with Jesus. And be transparent with them, sharing your failures.