WNL in Review: The Days of Elijah (3/9/2011)

Set List: Days of Elijah (Robin Mark), Your Grace is Enough (Matt Maher).

Prepwork For the Evening: Prayed over the evening, wrote lesson, created lesson media (logo and video), prepared music, assembled EasyWorship schedule, advertised with students, created The H20 Link.

Lesson Topic: Storyline: The Days of Elijah.

What We Did: We spent the evening looking at what The Days of Elijah (referred to in song Days of Elijah) were.

Scripture Used: 1 Kings 18

How did the Evening Go: This evening we were short a few regulars, but the teens we had seemed to make up for the missing energy. This made the evening a bit more difficult to focus at points (especially since I was dealing with some sinus pain issues that made it difficult for me to focus at times). We again used a passage of Scripture from The Bible Experience that seemed to really bring the Scripture alive for many of the teens who were here, even more so than last week. After the passage, I had the students take a few minutes to put together a news broadcast that shared what had happened in the story. (I filmed it. I should get it online soon). Then we discussed a few key questions about the passage and how it applies into our lives today. There was some very good discussion around the areas of Elijah’s bravery and how it should inform our own choices today, as well as about how our role as Christians can often be like that of a prophet.

The music went seemed to go over very well this evening. I think that closing out with Your Grace is Enough allowed for a nice, tight closing that hopefully allowed teens to spend a few moments really thinking through how Elijah relied upon God’s grace and His promise, and how it might work out in their own lives.

Overall, it was a good evening. There were smelly feet, and most of our teens were hesitant to make certain their ride was coming anywhere near on time (the last one left almost an hour after we were done). And one of our adults had to leave for a fire call. But overall, the students seemed to engage tonight, and one was even curious about out next IMPACT Night.

Coming Up Next Week: The Days of Ezekiel