WNL in Review: The Days of David (3/2/11)

Set List: Days of Elijah (Robin Mark), Glory to God Forever (Fee).

Prepwork For the Evening: Prayed over the evening, wrote lesson, created lesson media (logo and video), prepared music, assembled EasyWorship schedule, advertised with students, created The H20 Link.

Lesson Topic: Storyline: The Days of David

What We Did: We spent the evening looking at what The Days of David (referred to in song Days of Elijah) were.

Scripture Used: 2 Samuel 7

How did the Evening Go: Tonight we had a smaller crowd than normal (there was a concert at the school which several of our regular teens were attending), which allowed for more in-depth conversation. At least that is what I assumed it would allow. There were 10 students in the room, but only 2 or 3 really engaged in the discussion beyond simple answers. We used a passage of Scripture from The Bible Experience (great resource that I highly recommend) that seemed to really bring the Scripture alive for many of the teens who were here tonight. We played it at the beginning and the end, and a couple of our teens were able to connect David’s story with their own, sharing some good observations that they learned which they can apply into their own lives.

The music went very well this evening, and closing with Glory to God Forever really allowed for us to challenge students to use the bridge (Take me life and let it be/All for You and for Your glory/Take my life and let it by Yours) as a prayer, asking God to really grab hold of them like He did to David.

It was a quiet evening, and even though there were a few bumps (two girls hid out in the gym with the children’s ministry), I feel that at least a couple of our students left impacted by what they encountered tonight.

Bonus: March Madness Announcements