So What Is On the Snowbound DVD?

Yesterday I gave a little insight into why and how I go through the process of creating DVDs for our students after our big events. And I promised to share with you what we put on the DVDs today. So here you go!

  • Highlight Video A good sampling of video from most of the big things we did over the course of the retreat set to some music we used during the weekend.
  • Video Challenge Films – We gave students cameras and a list of requirements to create a 5 minute movie. Hilarity ensued.
  • Video Tutorial A fun way of instructing students in handling the cameras effectively.
  • Words and Winners – Explaining what the goofy words we required in the films mean, and the student-voted winners.
  • 3 of the 4 Keynote Messages – This is big because it allowed me to include the full length messages for our students, and even splice in the movie clips that were washed out in the light field Sunday morning.
  • Story Time with Aunt Kelly – Last year Kelly started a tradition by reading Everybody Poops to everyone. This year she read another one of Abigail and Tobias’ books.
  • How to Access Bonus Material – Just like the title says, this one tells viewers how to get to the pictures we took over the course of the retreat, and mp3 files of each of the songs we sang together throughout Snowbound.

That’s everything that’s on the DVD. What would you put on highlight DVDs for your ministry?