Memories that Last… For a Long Time

Friday I blogged about creating a memory video after our winter retreat. It is important in Student Ministry to create signposts for students to look back to and to remember what they have experienced, learned, and how they have grown. Within H20 we try to create a lot of different signposts. We take a lot of video (though I am in the process of scaling back a bit) and post it to our YouTube and Blip channels, we take a good amount of pictures and share them on Facebook and Picasa (which then allows us to embed slideshows into our church’s website) as well as hang them up around the Youth Room creating a visual storyline for this year of ministry together (check it out here). And after big events that we record video during, I compile DVDs.

The process is a bit time-consuming, but I feel that it has been worth it. It allows students who do not have internet access (or slow access since dial-up connections are still a primary connection point in our area) to relive what we did together. It also allows their parents to see what we did, and we like to put a copy in the church library for other members of the congregation to take home and see what H20 does.

In the past I have used Sony Vegas to edit captured video and DVD Architect Studio to create the DVDs. Since moving into  Apple’s neighborhood, I now use iMovie and Final Cut Express to edit video and iDVD to create the DVDs. One of the benefits of these types of programs is that they allow me to create DVD-ROM folders to stash stuff into for students to have forever. This year I put some mp3 files and pictures we took over the weekend into those folders.

So enough about the technical stuff. Check back in tomorrow for a look at what is on this year’s Snowbound DVD. And until then, mosey on over to any of the hyperlinks that I shared here.