Leadership Development: February Resources

Yesterday I shared about our leadership development gathering this month, and I promised to share what our meeting time together looked like. So here is a look at our schedule:

Welcome and Chill – 10 minutes
This was simply a time to catch up and wait for any late stragglers.

Recap – 20 minutes
We utilized this time to share our impressions about how Snowbound (H20’s winter retreat) went this year, and a look ahead at some possible ideas for improving it next year.

Audio Training – 15 minutes
This month I used a short piece from Doug Fields’ Youth Leader Training on the Go. It focused on the three things that all great youth workers need: Loving God, being smart (about what we do know and what we don’t know), and investing in long-term relationships. After the training was done we chatted about how it impacts our lives as leaders.

Print Training – 20 minutes
We utilized a training segment from Youth Leader Training on the Go that challenged us to evaluate our passions in ministry, and asked us to explore what it would look like to raise the bar in H20. I also gave each of our leaders a CD with all of Doug’s audio training sessions and a PDF copy of the Emergency Response Handbook for Youth Ministry. This CD in conjunction with a handful of other handouts that explored working with teens who are dealing with crisis.

Prayer Time – 15 minutes
This was a time to gather prayer requests from our group in order to lift each other up in our times of need and times of blessing.

The Run Down – 10 minutes
We spent a little bit of time covering housekeeping items such as Friday Night Flood volunteer schedule, inviting new leaders to the blog, and our upcoming 30 Hour Famine.

Closing – 10 minutes
We closed out in prayer, specifically lifting up each of the requests that we had this week.

Hope this helps you out in your own ministry!