I Do Not Enjoy Being Sick

Okay, big surprise. I don’t think that I know anyone who truly enjoys their body being invaded by a foreign bug (virus or bacteria) that causes them physical pain, discomfort, and the loss of their esophageal function (vomiting, of course). I myself woke up early Sunday morning to a battle between my stomach and my mouth, that ultimately we all lost.

I was sick.

On Super Bowl Sunday.

And I am a Steelers fan.

What a triple whammy!

All of this was bad enough, but when I get sick, I always lose the ability to think properly. My head gets fuzzy, I have a hard time forming coherent thoughts, and it can hurt to think at times. But even worse than that, my emotions tend to run right beneath the surface, and I am apt to take things far too personally. Yesterday I had some ministry issues that got under my skin. Today I took an email response too personally. Yet by God’s grace, I was prevented from acting on any of this. He kept me in a position that did not allow me to act on my emotions. Had I been able to act on them, I would have gone against everything that I have been reading in Proverbs over the past couple of weeks. I would have spoken without thinking, run off at the mouth instead of being silent when I should be silent.

I would have been a fool.

I might not enjoy being sick, but yesterday I think there may have been a reason for it.