Keep them Updated

In student ministry there are tons of things that we need to keep students in the loop about. Trips, meetings, Bible Studies, dodgeball tournaments. Tons of stuff. This week I want to look at a few of the avenues that I utilize to share information with our teens about upcoming meetings and events.

Today is our bulletin board. We have two boards in the church that we use to communicate information. One is in the Youth Room, and the other is in the church narthex, just outside of the Sanctuary. Parents and students alike walk past the board in the narthex every Sunday, and some Wednesdays. In the past I have forgotten to keep things updated, but recently I have recommitted to keeping things up there. Here are the things I keep on our board.

  • CALENDAR – I want our parents (and students) to be able to plan ahead, so I make it a point to keep three months worth of calendars posted.
  • BIG EVENT – There always seems to be a big event coming, doesn’t there? Currently our winter retreat is our next event, so I have a poster of the information brochure and a slot with brochures for students to take. I had to refill it this morning. Next month the 30 Hour Famine will be the big event.
  • FORMS – Our ministry uses an annual Medical Release Form. I keep a few blank forms on the board for anyone to take home.
  • ENCOURAGEMENT – I do not have anything up on the board right now, but I do want to keep something on the board that encourages students and/or parents alike. I am still working on ideas.
  • TEACHING – I have recently started to include a piece on the board that lets students and parents know what our lesson at Wednesday Night Live will be this week, and what to look forward to next week. I even provide Scripture references should they want to look it up ahead of time.
  • MEDIA – H20 uses Picasa, YouTube, blip and more for our event recaps. I like to have something posted with the URL addresses for parents and teens to take home and enjoy. Mostly it is buisness-sized cards to take home.

What do you put on your bulletin board?