An Encouraging Evening

This week at Wednesday Night Live, I had a hectic evening. Well, a hectic day actually. I ran over to Erie so I could get the supplies that we needed to make and serve dinner for the church (we do this twice a year), and planned on spending some time catching up on administrative work that has been hanging for a few days. However, almost as soon as I sat down, Kelly called to inform me that we had a student at our house who had dropped in after school. So I drove home and brought him up to the church with me. We chatted for a while, then headed down to the kitchen to make dinner.

Our lesson time was abbreviated, and we could have used another adult or two, but at the end of the evening, after I sent that student home who hung out with me (he waited for his parents at our place, since they were late picking him up), I thought over our evening. We had 14 students. 10 of them we have picked up through Friday Night Flood. One was brand new this week. Two more were new last week, and came back this week. Those two students both were heavily involved in our discussion, and were very excited to find out that I could give them Bibles of their own. One even told me that she has never had a Bible, asking me if she needed to bring it back to me.

Even though we are a mainline church, teenagers feel welcome in H20’s space and programs. In the past few months we have welcomed any unchurched teens who come from all walks of life. Wiccan, Pagan, atheist, homosexual, broken, hurting, hungry and seeking. It is incredibly encouraging to me that we have so many teens who are willing – and excited – to be a part of our group.