My Creative Dreams are Flowing

After looking at what my dreams are for my ministry life and my personal life, I feel like there are more dreams that just do not fit into either category. So I have named this last post my creative dreams. These are the dreams that involve blogging, video production, writing, reading and more. Here are a few of them to mull over:

  • I dream of getting back to consistent blogging – I started this blog to be an outlet for me creatively. I wanted a space where I could share my knowledge and experience, to be a resource to other youth workers. A space where I could share ministry successes and failures as a part of my development as a Youth Pastor. I dreamed of a place where conversations could happen that would encourage others who are where I have been, or are where I am now. Plus, I just love writing. For a time I was pretty good at generating content regularly. But I got away from it. I want to get back into that habit. I’m just not putting any specific numbers on it yet…
  • I dream of creating more fun videos – I love filming and creating fun, thought-provoking, and educational videos. I found this morning as I wrote this very post that I finally had motivation to get back into filming JumpStart videos. I want to do more with my Doctor Headly character. I even created a Ustream account in the hopes of being motivated to generating quality videos on a regular basis. I dream of doing this not only to teach and amuse, but to blow off steam and stress.
  • I dream of doing more with my Highlight Reel videos – It’s videos of my kids. ‘Nuff said.
  • I dream of doing more photography – I love taking pictures. I want to do more of it this year.
  • I dream of reading more – I really do miss reading. I have probably read less than a half-dozen real books this year (outside of my Bible). It is a practice I need to get back into soon. First on my desk: Story, Signs and Sacred Rhythms: A Narrative Approach to Youth Ministry by Chris Folmsbee (I’ve already started it). Who knows? I might even blog my way through it!
  • I dream of learning all I can about LOST – Okay, kind of a nerdy thing here, but I fell in love with LOST this year. I streamed it through Netflix in time to catch up with the final season (yup. 5 seasons in about a month), got Kelly hooked on it as I watched from the beginning for a second time, and received all 6 seasons for Christmas. Now I can be a nerd and immerse myself in these stories all over again.

That’s really all I have for these dreams of mine that are from a more creative angle. If you want to help me realize them, please drop me a line. I love people helping me be creative!