Snow Day!

Had an interesting snow day today. Up here in Corry we had around 2 feet of snow dropped on us over the last 40 or so hours. After spending nearly an hour shoveling our driveway out this morning, I got out to the church for my normal Monday administration day. After realizing that my Civic would not be getting back out of the church parking lot if the snowplows ran down the road again, I grabbed my laptop and headed back home. While I didn’t get a lot of administration work done, I did get a few videos and other creative projects finished. I also got to play with the kids, and thoroughly enjoyed taking them out into the snow. I took a few pictures and a little bit of video to share, so please check them out. And in case you find yourself wondering, those are socks on Toby’s hands. One of his mittens has gone missing.

Check out the pictures at Picasa here, or at Facebook here.

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