Top Student Ministry Resources

Recently the District Youth Leaders Network that I am a part of solicited lists of resources that we use in an effort to help each other find quality resources. Now, a lot of the time I wind up writing my own lessons, messages, and create my own videos or object lessons (and a few of our volunteers are really good at that too). But there are a few places I go to for quality help every now and then, so here’s a brief list of my top resources!


  • Life in Student Ministry – Without a doubt my first resource destination. The fact that I am a frequent contributor to the Freebie Friday segment does not add any weight to my decision, because Tim is always providing quality advice and guidance through his own experiences.
  • Rethinking Youth Ministry – I do not always agree with what is offered by the authors of Rethinking, but they have a huge heart to resource other youth workers, and tend to be very creative in what they offer.
  • Simply Youth Ministry – Tons of great, affordable resources for teaching and for soul care. Loads of free stuff too!
  • The SYM Podcast – A fun roundtable discussion amongst a few veteran Youth Workers, including Doug Fields and Josh Griffin. You can subscribe to either the video or audio through iTunes, or watch it directly from Blip.
  • Youth – While there are free resources (lessons, graphics, etc.) most of my time on this site is spent reading articles written by the Youth Ministry community.
  • NYWC Resources – Mostly just the video and image files used for previous conventions. But we have used these videos and images for year-long themes, retreat themes and more!
  • The Source For Youth Ministry – While there is a load of great stuff on this site, I mostly utilize it for the free game library.
  • YouTube – There is a ton of stuff available there, whether it is for entertainment or teaching, you can find almost anything your heart could desire.
  • Vimeo – While nowhere near as expansive as YouTube, Vimeo caters more to people who want to create movies. I have a few people I follow that regularly upload some great stuff (Granger Community Church, Dan Stevers, Rob Bell)
  • YouVersion – I like BibleGateway for quick searches and copy/paste deals, but YouVersion is the online Bible I use most for reading and to aid in my study. (Having the app on my phone and iPod really helps too).

That is a lot to offer for one post. This list was supposed to be exhaustive. Ah well, count is as a bonus! Now you might notice that I offered no print resources here (books, magazines). I personally no longer read YM Magazines simply because by the time they are published, they are often out of date or offering something that someone else has already read. In the past I used Group, YouthWorker Journal and the Journal of Student Ministries (now titled Immerse Journal). These would be good for you, but I don’t use them anymore. Though I do have a large stack of each one in my office…

As for books that I recommend? I created a video a while back that really hits the nail on the head for my current recommendations. Check it our below:

What resources do you use in your ministry?