Prayer, Fasting and Dreaming Video

A little while back, I shared about some prayer stations that we used for Wednesday Night Live which center around the practices of prayer and fasting, as well as asking God what His dreams for us are. You can read about it here. I sent the masters off to Tim over at Life in Student Ministry to use as a Freebie Friday (so you can use it if you want to. Go ahead. Click on this link and grab it!). Yesterday he posted it, and today I give you the vlog walk-through to see how I set it all up. This vlog is not exhaustive (at 8 minutes long it might feel exhaustive, but I had to trim a lot out to make it a watchable length), but should give you a good feel for how to set it all up for your group.

So feel free to use this in your own ministry, and if you do (or even if you just watch the vlog), please leave me some feedback on the project.

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