Fall Fest Recap (10/29/10)

Friday Night Flood hosted a theme night this week. We titled it Fall Fest, and it included not just a costume contest, but also the return of Fear Factor. We haven’t had a Fear Factor in over a year, and it

has been the single most requested game/theme night we have.

Overall we had a smaller turnout than I was expecting. There was a Halloween dance at the Community Center that pulled a lot of our regulars away for the evening. But that didn’t stop us from welcoming several new students who were first-timers.  We even managed to snag a few that didn’t want to stick around initially (I think that they really stuck around because this is the only place they get to see their girlfriends in a normal week). The Fear Factor segment went over well. There is only so much “Fear Factor” type stuff that we can do with insurance and safety issues being important things to watch out for. So our challenges wound up being more skill and gross-out oriented. But the students seemed to love it.

There were a few rough students. There were a few students who merely wanted someone to talk to. The evening showed me that we need to tighten up on some of our disciplinary policies. It showed us that we need to remain firm on some of our other policies that we sometimes are tempted to loosen up on.

It also showed me that even though I am becoming less and less of a fan of theme nights like tonight, that Flood still has a place in our students’ lives. It still can be an effective tool in our students’ lives. It can still serve to start conversations with students who would not give me the time of day on the street (especially when I am dressed as a doctor. Great ice-breaker).

Even though I may not have had the best of evenings on some levels, it was still a good opportunity for ministry for us tonight. Look for a Vlog soon on what went into making the evening happen.