Be a Resource

Just about all of us in Student Ministry can look around their office and find tons of old (ish? er? just plain old?) resources lying around. They might be magazines that we subscribe to and are done reading, or curriculum that we tried and will not ever get back around to using again. Maybe we even find a stack of extra Bibles that we bought for students and then all of our students who needed a Bible got one, so this stack is just collecting dust on a shelf.

No matter the resource, if you are not using it, give it to some who can!

Just last night I joined a handful of other youth leaders from my denomination for a networking meeting. My church is one of the more blessed ones in our district (I am one of only 2 full-time staff, and one of only 8 “official” staff in our district), and we find ourselves with a lot of stuff that we do not use. So last week I went through my stack of magazines, pulled out the duplicates and the ones that I will never read again, and hauled said stack with me to our gathering (I even grabbed an extra copy of SYM’s Mission Trips From Start to Finish that was accidentally shipped to me and added it to the stack). Not all of the magazines went to other leaders. But at least one was able to find some useful resources for herself and for her ministry.

So before you throw out that old copy of Group or YouthWorker Journal, see if any other youth workers around you could use it. You might even be helping them to stay in ministry a little longer.