WNL in a Nutshell (10/13)


Set List: Trading My Sorrows (Darrell Evans), All Creatures #2 (David Crowder*Band), Days  ofElijah (Robin Mark).

Prepwork For the Evening: Prayed over the evening, planned lesson, prepared music, assembled EasyWorship schedule, advertised with students, created The H20 Link.

Lesson Topic: Storyline: Cain & Abel

What We Did: We continued to build on the story by looking at what happened after Adam and Eve were cast out of Eden, and explored what we can learn about God, humans and our relationship with God from Cain and Abel’s story. We also held a REAL TALK evening after the lesson time was over for anyone who wanted to ask questions.

Scripture Used: Genesis 4, Romans 12.1-2

How did the Evening Go: We welcomed two brand new students who we have seen recently at Friday Night Flood (one of whom is a practicing Wiccan), and the entire room really engaged our story. They journaled, they asked questions (of course, the obligatory “where did Cain’s wife come from?”), shared their thoughts, and even got into an exercise that had them hear the story from one of the character’s perspective. There was a lot of great discussion, and I left that portion encouraged.

The REAL TALK session, not so great. It was not horrible by any stretch, but it quickly degraded into a lot of giggling and goofy questions that really didn’t need answers. But this allowed me to make real connections with our new students, especially when giving them rides home.

I think the only real negative from the evening was not having one student in the room because she was scared by another girl in the room who had bitten her earlier today. This is also (the biter) the same girls who snuck out of a bathroom window last week, and texted me today to share that she was very upset and wanted to talk tonight. She refused to talk, so I’m still trying to get that one squared away…

Bonus: Here is this week’s H20 Link