WNL Debrief (9/22/10)

Set List: No One Like You (David Crowder*Band), Trading My Sorrows (Darrell Evans), Everything(Lifehouse).

Prepwork For the Evening: Prayed over the evening, planned lesson, prepared music, assembled EasyWorship schedule, advertised with students, created The H20 Link.

Lesson Topic: Storyline: Disruption

What We Did: We built on last week’s story (Creation) by exploring what happened after Adam and Eve sinned, and how that plays into our lives today.

Scripture Used: Genesis 3 , Romans 5.12-21 (The Message)

How did the Evening Go: There were a lot of great things tonight. Students continue to interact with the story idea in greater depth than we have had in a long time. A couple even brought their Journals back! We shifted the order around a bit, and managed to get into the application segment of the evening before we lost three students to choir practice. We didn’t get through all of the application, but at least got to it. There were a couple of teens who were a bit disruptive during music, but overall the night went very well, and for the second week I left very encouraged. And as a bonus, a few teens stuck around to film next week’s H20 Link video announcements.

Bonus: Here is this week’s H20 Link
[blip.tv ?posts_id=4173411&dest=-1]