WNL Debrief – Creation (9/15/2010)

Set List: Awesome is the Lord Most High (Chris Tomlin), My Savior, My God (Aaron Shust),Everything (Lifehouse), Refuge (In Conclusion) (The OC Supertones).

Prepwork For the Evening: Prayed over the evening, prepared lesson, prepared music, assembled EasyWorship schedule, bought student journals, advertised with students.

Lesson Topic: Creation and Real Talk

What We Did: We looked at the beginning of God’s story by starting at the beginning. After that was all over, I hosted a Real Talk Evening, an open-floor Q&A session.

Scripture Used: Genesis 1-2, Job 38.4-7, Psalm 8, Psalm 103.19-22, Isaiah 45.18, 2 Peter 2.5, Jude 1.6, 2 Corinthians 3.18

Positives From the Evening: Music was once again a positive tonight, especially on Everything. The new format of storying was a resounding success for this evening. Students were engaging the material, sharing their perspectives, and beginning to inhabit the Biblical narrative. The journals, at least for tonight, were a positive as well.

Negatives From the Evening: I think the only real negatives were losing 4 students to choir practice right as we were getting into the meat of the story, and a few students who wanted to hold their own conversations during music.

Results From the Evening: Conversations. Students really opened up a lot tonight, and seemed pretty unafraid to share their thoughts. All of that was phenomenal, but some of the best stuff was the conversation that flowed out of the Real Talk questions and a conversation I was able to have after that was over with two of our students. One hasn’t been around in a while, the other is new to our church. Both needed to talk, and I was able to really connect with each one about some tough stuff they have been going through.

Next Week: Disturbance
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