Why I Love Fall

Fall is my favorite season of the year.

Sure, I love that I can dress in jeans because it is cooler out. Of course I can spend the afternoon watching the NFL on Sundays, or college ball on Saturdays. And then there are the colors I am treated to when I watch the leaves trees start to die off, sometimes in spectacular fashion. But even though I enjoy all of these reasons, my love for fall goes to a deeper level.

In the fall as a Youth Pastor I see a renewed energy in our ministry. We greet new students who have moved up into seventh grade. The people who we have missed all summer filter back into the church on Sunday mornings, and throughout the week at our different programs. Fall is often when we try new programs. High School football games, soccer games and Cross Country meets offer us new chances to connect with students on their turf (as well as a chance to support their interests as well). Fall is a season of renewal for ministry, which is intriguing to me, because we are surrounded by death in the fall.

Remember those leaves I mentioned? The ones that change color? This is because they are dying off. Animals prepare to hibernate for the winter. Plants stop offering flowers and fruit. Fall is a time of dying. But I see this as a reminder of what Christ can do. In the midst of our death as humans, He steps in and hands us a new life. A renewed life. A life worth living, that might go unnoticed in the midst of the dying that surrounds us. The world in its sinfulness looks pretty, it looks attractive and inviting. But it is dying.

Christ transforms us into evergreen trees when we follow Him and put Him first in our lives. We might not look as attractive as the rest of the world around us, but we will survive through the cold, harsh months of winter, because He feeds us.

This is why I love fall so much.