Great Sabbath

This week I was reminded of the importance of taking Sabbath. The idea of Sabbath is very simple. We rest because God rested. I was taught back in college that Sabbath does not necessarily mean sitting around doing nothing. Instead, Sabbath should be viewed as a preview of what life on the other side of eternity will look like. So there is room for a lot of things that might look like work, but could also be considered play (hobbies, etc.).

Yesterday I enjoyed my Sabbath by spending a lot of time with my children. Kelly had a meeting, so I had the kids all morning. And then when she returned home we went to the Spartansburg Fair for the evening. It surprised me that Abby is old enough to ride almost all of the rides, and was not afraid at all to ride the ferris wheel. In fact, when we arrived at the top of the wheel, she exclaimed that she could see the whole world!

Sabbath is as much about resting as it is about recharging and renewing your soul. Yesterday my soul was recharged and renewed by spending time with the family that God has blessed me with. How do you Sabbath?