The Flood Debrief – 9/3/10

Tonight marked the first night back to Friday Night Flood for us. We took the summer off, and even though we did have several students who missed the program over the summer, it may have boosted their excitement for tonight. We had two local bands play for us (Still Waiting and Furthermore) to kick off the school year, ran the webcast of Corry’s season-opener (away) game in Girard (they won by one point!), and welcomed many new faces to our building for the first time.

We also welcomed a new volunteer to our ranks who has been waiting all summer to plug in and get to meet our students. So welcome to H20 Patty!

The night was pretty well-run (except for the seven hours between last night and this afternoon it took to set up the stage or the bands), and there was a lot of good things that I saw tonight. There were also a couple of smaller things that didn’t go so well (a student flipping off someone who just knocked him out of the dodgeball game, teens signing out and then hiding toward the back of the building to do who-knows-what, and that first student throwing dodgeballs around in the darkened gym).

All in all, it was better than I expected. We have an interesting year ahead of us, and I am excited to see where God takes us in His storyline this year. And as a bonus, look for my Vlog of the process we went through to get tonight running, and what it looked like throughout and at the end of the night. It should be up early next week.