A Look Back Before Moving Forward…

Last August I shared some of the plans that H20 had for the 2009-2010 school year. I thought before I shared some of the things we have in store for this year that it would only be appropriate to look back and evaluate what those plans became…

Collide: Our Theme for the year – The word really seemed to stick for a handful of students. The idea that every time we meet with God it should be a collision (shaking our world in good and challenging ways) gave me personally a lot of drive in teaching, programming and talking with students… for the first few months. After about December it became little more than a memory for most. I like the idea of a theme for the year to tie everything into, and we have one this year that hopefully will carry a little more of its own momentum.

Wednesday Night Live – We planned to split teens into smaller “Journey Groups” for more of a small-group atmosphere. It worked well, but our available number of leaders quickly necessitated us migrating this format to Sunday evenings as a separate gathering. (And especially in our girls’ cases, it has worked out wonderfully).

Student Leadership Team – Great idea, but our teens who signed up to be on board quickly realized that the requirements for the team were more than they were ready for. We had commitment issues across the board, and there was a problem integrating students leaders with adult leaders. I would like to try again in some form this year, but it will have to be in a completely different fashion.

Videos & Video Games – Movie Nights didn’t happen at all. It just wasn’t where our students were this year. Same thing for Guitar Hero Nights. As much fun as students have playing it while we are hanging out, it just never happened as a program. And that is not a bad thing. As far as video production goes, we slowed down a bit on creating original content (no season 3 of The Purple Police), though I was able to fold in two other students when it came to editing some videos (not much help, but it was a start).

Friday Night Flood – Flood continued to grow into one of our best ministry opportunities within the walls of our church building. Most of what I predicted happened, and we even had a nice run of several students who shared their testimonies during the message times. But sadly, no Wipeout-style challenge.