20Tennessee By the Numbers

20Tennessee is in the books as (what I believe to be) a quite successful trip for our students (on many levels). So I thought I would share a few of the numbers with you that made our trip interesting.

  • 1,500 – Miles traveled
  • 150 – Gallons of gas used
  • 102 – Temperature (in degrees) it reached at the hottest point
  • 1 – Participant who succumbed to heat exhaustion
  • 4 – Times that the chainsaw blade needed to be put back onto the chainsaw
  • 3 – Students who needed sponsored to get onto Fort Campbell
  • 2 – Trips to Walmart for supplies
  • 3 – Guards who were very strict about not letting us on base without our sponsor
  • 100 (approx.) – Soldiers who we were able to serve breakfast to on Friday morning
  • 2 – Hours of sleep that the girls got before serving soldiers breakfast on Friday morning
  • 4 – Hours it took for one of our students to be injured (sprained her ankle on a jog)
  • 60 (approx.) – Temperature in degrees the guys’ cottage stayed during the week
  • 10 – Times that 3 Doors Down’s Kryptonite was requested
  • 10 – Hours I slept our first night back home
  • 5 – Deeply impacted students who returned from our trip
  • 1 – God who was glorified in multiple ways throughout the week

BONUS: Check our pictures and videos from the trip here.