I’ll Be Gone All Week!

Today (Monday August 2) through late Saturday evening (August 7) I will be in Clarksville, Tennessee with Kelly and 5 teenagers. We are partnering with a missionary couple that our church supports. Ernie and Martha Brockman work with soldiers who are stationed at Fort Campbell and in the surrounding area, helping to connect them to Christ during their time on base and beyond.

Obviously, I do not expect to be blogging much, but I will be tweeting, and will be uploading pictures, videos and hopefully more during the trip. Point your browser to the 20Tennessee page on our church’s website to keep yourself updated. The group we are taking is not comprised of students who all follow strongly after Christ, and I expect this trip to grow the students as much, if not more than the soldiers that we will be ministering to while we are down there. So please pray for us all week long.