Dangerous Prayer

This past Sunday I stepped into the pulpit for both of our services and shared a sermon about what has become the most dangerous prayer I have ever prayed. “God, break my heart for the things that break the heart of God.” Over the past year I have been praying this prayer on a regular basis, and God has definitely answered it with a great big ol’ “Yes.”

This sermon is going to stick with me for a long time for several reasons, but perhaps the biggest one (at least right now) is that I can not ever remember choking up and having to stop talking while I compose myself like I did midway through this sermon.

It runs around 20 minutes (and unfortunately the battery in my microphone died, so be prepared to crank your volume at a couple of points), so I hope you like it. No. I don’t. I hope you hate it because it challenges you and forces you to examine your own comfortable life. So I hope you hate it!

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