Stages of Growth

A thought from some of my Spiritual Formation notes in college for you…

“We develop as Christians much like a frog does, from egg, through tadpole, to maturity. God speaks to us where we are at in our development as Christians, in language that we understand. Yet we want to remain in the last stage of development in our life, and have God speak to us in that way. We then feel like God left us because He is speaking to us where we are at now, not where we have been. He wants us to take a leap of faith over the chasm from one developmental stage to the next. We might be leaping from a frog to a cat, becoming something entirely different from what we were previously. And if we do not make this leap of faith, we find ourselves angry and frustrated. We stagnate.”

There is not much you will find to really drive this home in Scripture, but I have found over the years that much of it is true, both in my life and in my students’ lives. Especially the part about becoming angry and frustrated when not taking the next step closer to God in our relationship with Him. Right now I am seeing it at play in one student’s life in particular. He is being called to take the next step in his growth, and in his refusal to do so he is finding himself clinging to broken promises, empty love and angry about his whole life.

Have you seen this at play in your life or ministry?