Dealing With Depravity Alone

I have been going through my Spiritual Formation notes from back in college (which should be good for several posts over the next couple weeks), and I was hit by one of the things that I chose to write down from a lecture.

“You cannot deal with and work out your depravity alone. That is where it starts, but it must be worked out communally.”

This draws me into thoughts about how we screw up our teens in the Christian faith. How often do we state in a church or our meeting times with our teens that the Christian faith is not one for “lone rangers” (or however you might phrase it)? But how often do we model this for our students? Do we remind teens that we are supposed to practice our faith in community and then hide our own depravity from the rest of the church? Granted, there are some sins in our lives that our teens cannot help us work out, but do they see us trying to work out our depravity in community?