Pharisees or Unsaved?

I was talking with our Senior Pastor about or churched students and their seeming lack of passion for their faith. (Well, at least their seems to be no real drive to integrate their faith into the rest of their life). I shared about how I typically see them as Pharisees. They have been raised in the church, they know the stories, the principles and a lot of the teachings. Yet they refuse to show any passion for their faith, and lock it into a box, only to be pulled out on Sundays and Wednesdays. Should our teaching toward these teens be more evangelism-oriented than discipleship oriented?

During the conversation, I was challenged to see them as if they were unsaved rather than as Pharisees. It got me thinking.

Are we just assuming that they are following Christ? Have they really made a commitment to put Him first? What sets them apart from the rest of the world? Can we really assume that they are Pharisees, or are they more on par with those around us who have refused to follow Christ (or who have not met Him yet)?

It has given me a bit to think about this week. Have you ever encountered this in your ministry?