Evaluating Ministry: Good Questions

Last time I shared about the need to have a solid base for evaluating ministry. This time around I simply want to share some questions that I like to ask when evaluating our ministry.

Asking good questions is very important. You could throw any questions into the mix and come up with answers that are quick or easy. But do they really help your ministry to grow? Asking the wrong questions in the evaluation process can really lead you to the wrong results. Is it really important to know what someone said about the color of paper used to print calendars on? I use the term wrong question, but there really aren’t wrong questions to ask when evaluating ministry. The color of the paper might have been a bad choice for some reason. Maybe red sets some of your teens into violent rages that end in burning dog houses, I don’t know.

But there are questions that are more important to ask.

Here are the questions that I start with.

  • “What are this program or event’s stated goals?” (it’s reasons for existence).
  • “How does this program/event meet its stated goals?”
  • “How is it meeting those goals?” (Give examples)
  • “Is it worth continuing?”
  • “What would our ministry look like without this program or event?”

Those are five questions that I feel you should always ask about any program or event that your ministry puts on for students (or their parents). But this is only evaluating the goals or your programs and events. They are not your ministry, merely a tool that your ministry uses to forge connections with teenagers.

Come back next time for evaluation questions about your ministry as a whole…