Evaluating Ministry: Where to Start

When evaluating your ministry, it helps to know where you should start. How can you know if you are carrying out your ministry’s mission and goals if you don’t know what they are? If you aren’t sure what your goals are for your ministry, take some time to prayerfully consider where God is leading your ministry. While we all are tasked with teaching and spreading the Gospel, your teens’ station in life may impact how you do that.

Tim has some solid info on Dare 2 Share’s Deep and Wide philosophy, Doug Fields’ Purpose Driven Youth Ministry has some great (if dated) grounding as well. Our ministry has our own list that is inspired by these two examples and our own observations and discernment. Your ministry should be tailored to reach your teens, and it will not look like these three examples 100%.

Just remember that these are examples, they are a framework, and that above all else, you need to spend much time in prayerful consideration about what your ministry’s framework and goals should be. (I’ll share our goals and framework sometime in the near future).

Next up: The questions to start asking…