why, God? Finale Recap (5/5)

Set List: The Hand that Holds the World (Starfield), Make a Joyful Noise/I Will Not Be Silent (David Crowder*Band), God of This City (Bluetree/Tomlin), The Wonderful Cross (Watts/Tomlin).

Prepwork For the Evening: Prepared lesson and PowerPoint, created EasyWorship schedule, practiced music, set up room, prayed.

Lesson Topic: Is it wrong to be a surrogate mother?

What We Did: Encouraging teens to split up into two groups, we staged a short debate over whether or not being a surrogate mother is something that God desires and plans I closed out the evening sharing my thoughts on the topic.

Scripture Used: Genesis 16; Jeremiah 1

Positives From the Evening: There were several genuinely interested teens involved. Each group made some good arguments that showed they interacted with the material. There was passion in some of the arguments, and teens realized that Scripture is pretty quiet on this topic. Another Friday Night Flood teen dropped in for the first time tonight, with plans to come back next week.

Negatives From the Evening: Not much out of the ordinary (complaints about cell phone offering). It was a pretty quiet evening.

Results From the Evening: It seemed that teens really interacted with the discussion, and will take it home. I focused on the fact that Scripture is silent on surrogacy, and that we cannot condemn based on that. By reading Scripture and learning God’s character, we can know what He might want and desire. My personal opinion is that surrogacy is not something we should strive for. It plays God too much with genetics. While I would not condemn someone for it, I could not readily support it either.

Student Involvement: Students debated and ran EasyWorship.

Next Week: Decompress night