why, God? Week Two (WNL 4/21)

Set List: How He Loves (David Crowder*Band video), Love Carrier (unknown), Hands and Feet (Audio Adrenaline).

Prepwork For the Evening: Prepared lesson and PowerPoint, created EasyWorship schedule, practiced music, set up room, prayed.

Lesson Topic: How do I honor and respect my parents if they are horrible parents?

What We Did: Using equal parts lecture and discussion, we explored what our roles are as children to obey, honor and respect our parents. Even when they are not great, or even good, parents.

Scripture Used: Exodus 20.12; Deuteronomy 5.16; Ephesians  6.1-4; Proverbs 4.23; 1 John 5.14-15; Ezekiel 36.26

Positives From the Evening: There was a lot of good conversation about tonight’s topic. This is good, since it was based on student questions. There was honesty, transparency, and understanding. There were some great questions that turned into conversations afterward. Music was a better part of the evening than it has been in a little while. We actually ran longer than planned because we were so involved in the discussion.

Negatives From the Evening: Though more teens brought their own Bibles with them this week, the majority did not. One teen in particular hid her interest in the evening behind a mask of boredom. It felt like our evening was just too short.

Results From the Evening: It seems as though this week’s discussion will leave more of an impact on our group after leaving the building. Our time together, though short, was well spent. I think that one of the stronger points that teens took with them was what God originally designed the family to look like, and how sin has broken that look. A fair amount of our teens are from broken homes, and it seemed to be comforting to know that even though their family system is damaged, God desires more for them. Our teens showed a remarkable empathy for one another when there were personal issues being raised about genuinely… harmful… situations at home. All in all, it was a great evening for us.

Student Involvement: Students helped steer the discussion and ran EasyWorship.

Next Week: Just what (or who) is Satan anyway?