Evaluating Ministry

I recently was forced to take some down time away from our ministry (due to a few factors), and among the reasons that I was forced to take that time was to hear God’s voice informing me that I have not visioned for our ministry in a long time. During some of this visioning process, I began to really evaluate where we are as a ministry, and a little bit of where I am as a Youth Pastor. I try to evaluate on a regular basis (I evaluate programs weekly, and events as they finish, and even time spent with students as it happens), so this is not news.

But last week Tim posted a video about evaluating based on the journey rather than on the destination. (It is a great video by the way. Make sure that you spend a few minutes to watch it). This got me thinking.

Have I been evaluating our ministry based on the outcome we are looking for in our students? Or is the evaluation based on their journey toward that outcome?