WNL: Heaven and Hell Review (part two)

Set List: None, as tonight H20 cooked, served and cleaned up after community dinner.

Prepwork For the Evening: Prepared lesson and PowerPoint, prayed.

Lesson Topic: Heaven & Hell: part two, HEAVEN.

What We Did: Using Scripture, we explored what we can know about heaven, and what we can know that it is not.

Scripture Used: John 18.36;  Revelation 21.2; Psalm 8.3; Psalm 103.19; Luke 23.42-43; Luke 16.19-31; James 1.27; John 14.1-3; Matthew 14.5-6; Matthew 25.31-46.

Positives From the Evening: We were able to spend a lot of time exploring Scripture. Though many teens stated that they were not aware of the claim that we all receive a mansion in heaven, it was fun seeing some of their faces when exploring what the verse that falsehood is based upon really means. Exploring all of the wedding imagery associated with heaven was a lot of fun.

Negatives From the Evening: The message seemed to rely too heavily upon lecture format, and I fear that a few of our teens zoned out after a few minutes. Not one teenager out of 14 brought their own Bible with them.

Results From the Evening: In the end, we discovered that our teens hold a good understanding of heaven. The question is, can that understanding motivate them properly, or will they find themselves focused too intently on the next chapter in life to carry out a meaningful ministry to the world here and now?

Student Involvement: None, outside of adding their input and questions.

Next Week: Why does God say don’t kill, then tell people to kill for Him in the Bible?