WNL in Review – 2/24/2010

Set List: Undignified (Matt Redman), How He Loves Us (John Mark McMillan), Here is Our King (David Crowder*Band).

Prepwork For the Evening: Put some of the room back together (after taking tons of stuff out for Snowbound), assembled the EasyWorship schedule, practiced music, prayed.

Lesson Topic: Real Talk Evening – Open-floor Q&A with Pastor Brett

What We Did: I opened up the floor to any questions teens have about their faith, God, the church, or life in general.

Scripture Used: None planned, though the stories of Joseph and Moses both came up.

Positives From the Evening: Not a lot. As a program, tonight flopped.

Negatives From the Evening: In a room with nearly twenty teens, no one really had any questions to ask. Close to half of the room was more interested in having their own conversations and distracting the room. It just felt like an uphill battle during the entire “lesson” portion.

Results From the Evening: From the program, nothing. But after the program was over, I got to spend nearly a half hour in conversation with a couple of girls about a lot of deep things going on in their lives. I also got to spend some time connecting with another teen who is starting to let some barriers down, and with a couple parents about Snowbound.

Student Involvement: Students ran EasyWorship.

Next Week: Honestly? I am not sure right now…